Large Capacity Vertical & Horizontal WSHP

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Large Capacity Vertical & Horizontal WSHP

Large capacity water source heat pumps (WSHP), from 6 to 25 tons in left and right hand configurations, are designed for high efficiency, individually-zoned comfort control in office buildings, schools, hotels, assisted living dwellings, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial buildings. Using ozone-friendly R-410A refrigerant, their quiet, high performance and reliable operation has earned an ever-growing reputation among thousands of building owners, consulting engineers, contractors, and service engineers. Daikin's large vertical units are easily located in small equipment rooms or floor-by-floor installations. They can be applied to all building types where it is advantageous to extend the water source heat pump concept to larger or core areas. Large horizontal units have a common cabinet size and common water, condensate, and duct connection locations for easier and more efficient installation.


  • 6 to 25 Tons
  • 072 to 290 Tons